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Terms & Conditions


Pursuant to the French law, only the French text of our terms and conditions are valid. What follows is a translation.

Article 1 – Application
The general conditions apply to each stay at our bed and breakfast.

Art 2 – Stay
The stay in our bed and breakfast is only for tourist reasons, and is a limited stay. The customer may in no case invoke some right to perpetuate his stay.

Article 3 – reservation
The reservation is only valid once the guest has paid the deposit; This advance is 50% of the accommodation (basic breakfast included), with a minimum of one night per room booked.

Article 4 – balance
The remaining amount (balance) must reach us no later than 30 days before the beginning of stay. For stays booked at short notice the balance is paid upon arrival. Meals and drinks are settled the morning of departure.

Article 5 – cancellation by the customer
Any cancellation must be announced in writing or by mail. The following fees are charged:
a) cancellation up to 90 days before the start of the stay: the 50% deposit will be refunded, our bank charges are deducted from this amount;
b) in case of cancellation between 90 and 31 days before the start of the stay: the 50% deposit is non-refundable, the balance is remitted;
c) if canceled less than 30 days before the start of the stay: the total amount will be charged;
d) if the guest upon arrival decides to shorten the stay, yet the entire booked stay will be charged.

Article 6
– Cancellation by the owners
In case the owners deem to cancel the stay, the guest will be informed immediately in writing or by e-mail. All paid amounts will be refunded immediately.

Section 7
– Arrival
The room is available from 4:00 pm. The day of departure the guest should leave it at last at 10.30 am.

If a late arrival (after 7:00 pm), the guest must inform the owner thereof. In the case of a short stay, and the guest does not arrive before 7:00 pm, the agreement is considered “non-concluded”. The
owner is then free to rent the room to another person. The deposit is not refunded in this case.

Article 8 – Tourist tax
Tourist tax, if applicable (taxe de séjour), is a local tax that must be paid by the guest to the owner; the owner pays the residence tax to the tax collector.

Article 9 – Use of the guest rooms in and around the house
The guest is required to maintain the peace, and installations, buildings and furniture can only be used where they are intended for. The guest is obliged to leave the room in good condition.

Art 10
– capacity
The deal is always concluded for an exact number of persons. If the number of guests is higher than agreed and no other room is available, the owner can refuse access to the additional guests. This refusal cannot be understood in any way as an amendment or cancellation of the agreement based on the owner.


Article 11 – pets
Pets are not allowed in the rooms, in the building or on the grounds of our B & B.

Article 12 – smoking ban
Inside the building there is a general smoking ban. On the terrace, smoking is permitted, but only in case  this does not disturb the other guests, and that one uses an ashtray.

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